Testimony of Nine, ELLE magazine: "I have two children by the same man but I don't know him" - January 2021 (In French only)

Introduction to the ELLE article by Barbara Guicheteaupublished in ELLE Magazine in January 2021:

« Her husband is infertile, so Nine decides to use sperm donation to start a family. A plunge into the unknown that leads to a (double) happy ending. A mixture of relief, despondency and deep sadness. I was in the streets of Lausanne when I received the fateful call from the urologist-surgeon who had just operated on my husband Antoine to assess his degree of infertility. His diagnosis: azoospermia, zero spermatozoa, no hope possible. »

Scan of the article:


  1. Magnifique le témoignage !
    Je suis en plaine démarche pour donner mes gamètes au CPMA!

    1. Magnifique à vous de donner vos gamètes. C est grâce à vos précieux dons que des couples comme nous peuvent enfin fonder leur famille.
      Un grand merci !

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