"Sur terre via donneur" is a platform for information and exchange about medically assisted reproduction (MAP) with donor in Switzerland. The two procedures are artificial insemination with donor (AID) and IVF with sperm donor and/or egg donor.

Our platform was created for donor conceived people as well as recipient parents who chose to use this conception method. It is also intended for Swiss donors and anyone else interested in this subject.

Sperm donation is an altruistic act because the donor offers a part of himself to give life. Thus, thanks to the parents' desire to have a child and the donor's gift, people born via AID can exist on this earth: a wonderful story indeed. However, the subject is delicate and complex, often weighed down by the burden of secrecy, and by questions about this unknown person who nevertheless constitutes half of the donor conceived children's DNA.

Since 1974, an average of 250 children have been born each year thanks to MAP with donor in Switzerland, which means that by 2022 there is be approximately 12,000 children (official figure via Swiss clinics, but the figure is much higher with MAP procedures with donor carried out by Swiss people abroad). As this subject was very taboo in the 1970s and is still taboo for some people today, many donor conceived people are still unaware of their way of conception.

We obviously want to include all types of donations (sperm, eggs, embryos) in our approach and our page is also LGBTQ+ inclusive.

  • You will find several sections including « the History of AID » in Switzerland (from 1974 to today).
  • In the section « Resources (only in French for now) » you will find articles, links to other websites, videos, podcasts and books on the subject, as well as « Support Groups (only in French for now) » that will allow you to communicate with other people involved in AID.
  • For DCPs (Donor Conceived Person), we have created the « DNA Research » section to help you discover your origins.
  • We also have an « Our Stories» section. If you wish to share your story (anonymously or not) you can do so using the Contact Form.

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Vanessa, Tanya and Muriel (donor conceived)