Genetic Genealogy

How to find out about your donor and that unknown part of your origins with genetic genealogy.

You may belong to this group of people born before the lifting of donor anonymity (2001) in Switzerland and you have no information about your donor. With genetic genealogy, it is possible to find information about your origins and maybe even the identity of your donor one day. You will still need good DNA matches, good family trees and good keys in hand, and a lot of patience. Indeed, in France, many donor conceived persons have been able to find their donor with DNA matches from 0.6% to 1.5% (which is not much) but with a lot of research.

Click here to listen to the RTS podcast with guest Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, a specialist in genetic genealogy.

You will find below the links to three websites that will give you all the keys to your genetic genealogy research.