Message to Donors

We have created this page also to make anonymous donors (before 2001) aware of why it is important for us, donor conceived adults, to know more about our origins. We believe that making a donation should ideally include allowing this human contact, to help us to complete building our identity.

Here are some points we would like to communicate to our donors:

Pièce manquante à un puzzle
  • We are not looking for a second father or another family. Nevertheless, we would like to understand and know our origins, because we are missing a piece of our identity puzzle.
  • We do not do this research to obtain an inheritance or other financial benefits. This is absolutely not what the donor conceived adults are looking for and the Swiss law protects donors and donor conceived people in this respect: nothing can be asked one way or the other.

  • It is important for us to know our medical history, half of which we do not know. It is distressing not to know what diseases with a genetic component we might have inherited, and important to know what we might pass on to our own children. Knowing our medical history could help us to know whether we are at risk of developing certain diseases and whether it makes sense to have targeted check-ups for certain diseases (e.g. cancers and cardiovascular diseases).
  • Access to one's origins is a fundamental human right, whether for adopted persons, persons born under X or persons born through anonymous donation.

If you wish to allow people conceived through your anonymous donations to know your identity, one way is to carry out a DNA test (which is inexpensive). For more information, you can read the section DNA Tests. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for further information.

Have you made a donation in Switzerland? Feel free to share your story with us (anonymously or not) through the Contact Form.