9 June 2022: New documentary about donor conceived adults

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the link to the Temps Présent documentary, broadcasted on Thursday 9 June, in which Vanessa, co-founder of "Sur Terre via Donneur" gave shared her story:

Born by sperm donation, the end of a heavy secret

« When we learn, often in adulthood, that we were born by sperm donation, by medically assisted procreation, the news falls like a meteorite. This secret, which for a long time was impossible to uncover, is no longer so. Today, it is possible to trace one's biological origins through genetic genealogy and to find the name of the donor. Thousands of people are learning that their parent is not the person they thought: a long quest for identity begins. »

Please feel free to share it with others and come back to us with your feedback.

Best regards,

Vanessa, Tanya and Muriel

Co-founders of Sur Terre via Donneur