4 December 2021: Article about us in the Tribune of Genève

"Thanks to a DNA test, a woman living in Geneva finds the identity of her donor"

Introduction of the article:

"Born thanks to an anonymous sperm donation in 1980, Vanessa tells how she was able to discover one of her genealogical branches through a DNA test and data on the internet.

The recent vote on marriage for all has put the question of sperm donation back in the spotlight. How does one live with the fact of being the product of a donor? The "Tribune de Genève" was able to meet with a witness, Vanessa, and gather her testimony: "There are three people who contributed to my coming on earth. My mother, my father and my donor. It's a nice story, I think!

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Marianne Grosjean – Texte, Victor Magne et Théo Ducommun – Illustrations